Current Projects

2020-2022 Pokročilé oxidické polovodičové fotoelektrody pro konverzi sluneční energie a úpravu vody (20-11635S)

2020-2022 Photocatalytic air purifying and recuperating unit (FW01010240)

2019-2021 Non-metal doped nanostructures of graphitic carbon nitride for photocatalytic reactions (19-15199S)

7/2019-6/2022 Nano particulate photocatalysts embedded in hydrophobic matrices for treatment of turbid wastewater containing non-polar, non-biodegradable compounds (LTAIZ19011)

2016-2019 Photocatalytic panels from foam ceramics (CZ.01.1.02/0.0./0.0/15_019/0004925)

Past Projects



Prof. Josef Krýsa, Ph.D
University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague
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