Josef Krýsa is the leader of the group Photocatalytic Materials and Processes at the  Department of Inorganic TechnologyUniversity of Chemistry and Technology Prague and expert advisor in the group of Photocatalytic materials and technologies in Technopark Kralupy.

Current main lines of research encompass the synthesis of the photoactive materials, their testing in terms of photocatalytic activity and properties to clarify fundamental scientific questions and subsequently solving technical problems that still stand in wide practical application of photoactive materials.

Such applications are the self-cleaning surfaces (glass, tile, paint, concrete and textiles); photocatalytic purification of air, water and contaminated soils; organic synthesis; fuel (hydrogen) production via light assisted water electrolysis; the use of solar energy and its application in other potential fields.

The concept of photocatalysis is simply described as follow:


Summer school 2020

From 25. to 27. 8. 2020 our team participated in the Summer school in UCT Prague to enhance the...
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Prof. Josef Krýsa, Ph.D
University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague
Department of Inorganic Technology
Technická 5
166 28 Praha 6
+420 220 444 112